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Family strengthening in Algeria

Mother and Child from FSP in Draria, AlgeriaSOS Children's Village Algeria has analyzed and designed since January 2005, its family strengthening Program (FSP) according to the strategic initiatives 2003 - 2008. In September 2005, the program was implemented in the sites of Algiers and Boumerdes (community surrounding the SOS Village Draria). In 2008, the Family strengthening Program Algeria has spread to two other surrounding departments (wilayas): Tipaza, 80km to the West of Algiers, and Tizi Ouzou, 110km to the East of Algiers.

The FSP Algeria counts currently 300 beneficiaries (children), among them 60 Children are from families affected by HIV / AIDS for a total of 231 families. It offers support for various activities planned in two main parts:

The constant part is mainly the access to basic medical care, psychosocial support, basic nutrition, counseling, hygiene workshops, education and literacy courses.

The variable part is based on the specificity of families such as counseling and legal assistance in obtaining documents (e.g. marriage, divorce, birth / death certificates), vocational training, training and support for the implementation of micro projects, the creation of family garden for over 35% of families in the Boumerdes area and access to employment for 80% of the mothers of the area of Algiers.

To establish our FSP as recommended in 2003 - 2008 and carry out the two parts of the program, we made various actions with local partners' associations, NGO's, ISO (International Solidarity Organizations) and financial partners, such as Algeria AIDS, which supports families with a member suffering from HIV / AIDS on the site of Algiers.

In the area of Boumerdès, we signed three partnership agreements with local associations active in the region, to revitalize three psycho-social rehabilitation and education. These centers, which are active for two years now, in addition to taking in charge the FSP Mothers; we also receive women and children of the community for awareness and advocacy for the protection and rights of children.

At Tizi Ouzou, another approach is developed, based mainly on capacity building of local partners: “associations, village committees, and groups", in the area of project management, creation and operation of associations, and fundraising.

The most developed partnership, at the operational level, is the commitment with the network Wassila by the setting up of a listening, support, counseling, training and advice program. Moreover, after several steps, we have just concluded a framework agreement with the Ministry of National Solidarity and UNICEF (support for fund & equipment) to create social centre aiming prevention of abandonment including a home for mothers with their children in Corso;  Wilaya of Boumerdès.

Family from the FSP in Draria, Algeria28 families have left the FSP successfully, thanks to the actions that we held, by obtaining employment and housing. 85 families were employed. Associations, NGO’s, the ISO, financial partners and now local authorities have joined our initiative and decided to give their support by getting involved in the implementation of the FSP.

Our great satisfaction, since the implementation of our strategic initiative in Algeria to this day, remains the agreement with the Ministry of Solidarity and UNICEF.



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