Family success in Lebanon

Chafika, Mkalles Social Centre

Woman supported by family support programme in LebanonChafika lost her husband in September 2006. She found herself without any income and in charge of 3 children: and of whom are haemophiliac. Because of their haemophilia, the children are in need of constant medical care.

Habib studied baking and pastry at a technical school yet he was unable to find a job because of the reluctance of employers to hire a haemophiliac. The other two sons go to school where they are offered free tuition because of their situation.

The center where the three brothers receive their treatment directed the family to the social centre of SOS Children Lebanon. There, with Chafika and her son, an income generating project was developed.

After a thorough feasibility study carried by Chafika assisted by the SOS social centre, the PW FSP supplied the family with $2,000 with which they bought the necessary equipment for a bakery and a pastry shop (part of the money would be paid back during the year 2007)

Chafika and Habib started working in December 2006 and since January 2007 their small business has become quite successful and the family is now financially independent. 

Ahmad, Ksarnaba Social Centre

Ahmad used to be a happy hard working man. He lived with his wife, son, three daughters, mother and sister in Beirut. Ahmad was able to support them all assisted by his sister, a school teacher. They were self-sufficient.

Father and children supported through family support programme in Ksarnaba, Lebanon

During the July 2006 war on Lebanon Ahmad (42) and his family went to Riyaq to find refuge from the raids. The house they were staying in was hit and Ahmad lost his wife Nawal (34), his son Ali (13) and his mother. The rest were injured.

Today Ahmad lives with what remains of his family: Zainab (9), Samah (5), Violette (3) and his wounded sister. They have made their home in the gas station in Ali al Nahri where Ahmad now works, and the five of them occupy a room there.

Ahmad has also been physically afflicted by the bombs, and his leg requires a long term treatment. He can no longer work as a daily construction laborer as he used to. Moreover, the two older girls, have bomb splinters in their bodies and have to undergo delicate and costly surgeries to extract them. His sister was also badly affected and can no longer teach. She as well is under treatment, yet her presence is vital for Ahmad and the girls.


The SOS social centre in Ksarnaba, through the Post War Family Strengthening Programme

is supporting Ahmad.  The children, who had stopped going to school, are back in class. They have also been assisted to overcome the death of their mother, brother and grandmother, as well as their own injuries.They come to the social centre to receive the available pediatric and dental care. The support also includes their food and clothing.


During 2007 the PW FSP will, along with Ahmad and his sister, try to find a suitable income generating project that will eventually lead to the economic independence of the family.



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